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Expedite Electrical specialises in the exciting field of smart home products.

It has never been easier or more affordable to convert your existing home into a smart home. Having a smart home opens up the possibility to control things like your lighting through voice commands, automate your existing air conditioner or central heating and even boil your kettle before you leave the comfort of that warm doona on a winter morning.


Gone are the days where automating your lighting was a costly process, involving lots of data cables being run to each switch and a programmer to set up the system. Now with seamless bluetooth and wifi mesh networks, you can change as many or as little switches in your house to smart switches. 

Start with changing your most used rooms in the house, for example your kitchen or living room. After you've experienced the convenience of turning lights on with your voice, or through an app on your phone anywhere in the world, you'll see why this is such a fast growing field.

Automate your lights to turn on or off at a certain times. Create scenes such as an "away" scene, which can trigger your lights to turn on and off in certain rooms, giving the house the appearance that someone is home to deter possible burglars. Or just say "goodnight" to your Google home speaker to turn all the lights in the house off

Set your lights to turn on at sunset each day, or any time you desire. Smart lights offer total customisation!

Power Points

Replace existing power points with smart power points and automate or control your devices wirelessly. Set lamps to turn on at sunset, or your electric blanket to turn on half an hour before bedtime. 
Monitor energy usage from your power points from a smart phone app and understand which appliances are costing you the most to run.


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