About Us


At Expedite Electrical we know how important reliability is. All too common are the stories of booked tradesmen not showing up in time or at all. 

I make it my number one priority to have excellent communication with my customers, and to arrange a time that suits them.

There may be times when some of my appointments take longer than expected, due to unforeseen circumstances, however I will notify you immediately. It is my aim to make things as convenient and stress free as possible.  


I am a fully qualified electrical professional. I am licensed to sign off on all electrical works, and provide a certificate of electrical safety.


When you choose Expedite Electrical you are choosing:

- A fully qualified electrical professional.

- The highest standard of electrical safety.

- A fully insured service provider.

When it comes to your home or business' electrical wiring, it's never worth taking chances.

By employing an A-Grade Electrician, you can rest assured, knowing that the electrical systems in your property have been properly and safely installed by a licensed professional.


Whether it's installing a flood light in your backyard, or a smart lighting system through your home or business, I make sure you get exactly what you want and love the finished product.

I offer advice and design layout of all aspects of electrical installations. If you aren't sure how many lights a space needs, I will work with you to develop a lighting plan and create the type of personalised style you are looking for.